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Manufacture purse frame, handbag frame, bag frame, clasp frame, curve frame in China and Taiwan

purse frame
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     Our products include variety of eyelet, magnetic button, bag buckle, plastic fastener, carabiner, ball chain, key chain, plastic handle, snap fastener, rivet and purse frame etc. We are professional hardware manufacturer in China and Taiwan and provide you high quality of products and sale service quickly.

      If you are interested in any item of our hardware products, please  free feel to contact us



Color Chart

Bag Frame

-------- Button --------

Jeans Button

Fastener Button

Magnetic Button

Ornament Button

Metal Snap Button

Prong Snap Button

Plastic Snap Button

------ Fastener ------

Rivet Fastener

Eyelet Grommet

Fastening Machine

-------- Hooks --------

Carabiner Hook

Metal Snap Hook

Plastic Snap Hook

-------- Buckle --------

Plastic Buckle

Adjust Buckle

Release Buckle

--------- Clips ---------

Badge Clip

Swing Grip Clip

Ring Binder Clip

--- Slide & Loops ---

Zinc Slide

Cord Lock

Plastic D-Ring

Shoulder Pad

Plastic Tri-Glide

Steel Wire Series

Steel Plate Series

------ Others ------

Bag Lock

Ball Chain

Book Corner

Plastic Handle

Key Chain & Holder

Mobile Phone Strap


TW : 886-4-2566-5483
CN : 86-769-8755-4009




口金, 皮包框, 銀包夾, 手縫口金 
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Purse Clip purse frame ziper pull
W809D - Purse Clip W810 - Spring Purse Frame W811 - 22MM Ziper Pull
ziper pull Purse Chain Purse Chain
W811B - Ziper Pull W812 - Purse Chain W812A - Purse Chain
Purse Chain Purse Chain heart chain
W812B - Purse Chain W812C , W812D - Purse Chain W812E - Heart Purse Chain
purse frame purse frame purse frame
W813 - Purse Frame W813B - 27cm Purse Frame W814 - 10cm Purse Frame
purse frame zipper pull zipper pull
W815 -  Purse Frame W816 - Get More Details... W816 - Get More Details...
zipper head steel wire frame purse frame
W817 - Click More Details.. W818 - Get More Details... W819 - 11cm Purse Frame
Heart Purse Frame Heart Purse Frame Purse Frame
W820 - Purse Frame W820S - Purse Frame W821 - 8cm Purse Frame
13cm Purse Frame Rectangle Frame purse frame
W822 - 13cm Purse Frame  Rectangle Frame W824 - Purse Frame
Purse Frame Octagonal Purse Frame Oval Purse Frame
W825 - 12cm Purse Frame W826 -  Purse Frame W827 - Oval Purse Frame
Hexagonal Purse Frame 18cm Purse Frame 4cm Purse Frame
W828 -  Purse Frame W829 - Purse Frame W829S - Purse Frame

we have many kinds of bag frame will be continue put on ...